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Baby Paradise is dedicated to you by 2 breastfeeding mothers who have great passion in breastfeeding! Not forgetting love in parenting! We know that all mothers need support, we are here to share right information and guide you through the different stages of breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding your baby will bring you a joy that words cannot express. The feeling you get when you continue to nourish your baby at your breast and see your baby grow and thrive on your milk is awesome.

Breastfeeding is a choice; we hope that you make the right choice to breastfeed your baby. There is no substitute for mothers milk. Remember, if there’s a will; there’s a way!!!

At Baby Paradise, we want to help you as mothers to succeed in breastfeeding your children from new born till up to 2 years & beyond.

We carry a wide range of breastfeeding cum maternity to baby friendly items that you will need:

Nursing & Maternity wears / bras
Baby sling & pouch
Clothe diapers
Cooler bags
Milk storage options
Baby friendly items & many more

Rest assure that all items are carefully selected for the ease of you as mothers or mothers to be because we are mothers ourselves too

Feel free to call us @ 016 4388 230 (Ms SL Lee) & 017 473 8296 (Ms Melissa) for your enquiries.

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